David Bowie the Hobo Slayer is a free webcomic that comes out as I finish it. At some point, it may be available in print for a low price. When this happens, details will be posted on this website. DBTHS originally appeared as a serialized text-only story. This can be viewed here, but it isn't particularly good and is probably confusing. I'm not sure what else to say, but I hope you enjoy the webcomic.

You can follow DBTHS on facebook or like it on twitter. Any comments, questions, et cetera can be emailed to davidbowiethehoboslayer@gmail.com. If you want your email to be published in a letters page, mark it as 'OK to print' and I'll make one if I get enough emails.

LEGAL NOTE: This is a work of fiction, and hobos are not really evil. In fact, the majority of them are very nice if you talk to them. Please do not slay real hobos. Also, if you are a famous person and you appear in this webcomic, please do not sue me.

Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes,
The Nonsequitaur

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